Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Mudra Therapy Primer for download

Mudras are easy to perform anytime, although sitting in the lotus position and focusing on the healing. Mudras are very powerful. If you practice these mudras regularly you can see the wonderful health benefits.

Download the Mudra Therapy Primer to practice the mudras specific to your problems.

Content of Mudra Therapy Primer:
  • Introduction of Mudras
  • Important Things about Mudras
  • Functional Factors in Mudra Therapy
  • Types of Mudras:
    • Gyan mudra
    • Vayu mudra
    • Akash mudra
    • Shoonya mudra
    • Prithvi mudra
    • Surya mudra
    • Varun mudra
    • Jalodhar nashak mudra
    • Kidney mudra
    • Pran mudra
    • Vyan mudra
    • Apan mudra
    • Apan-vayu mudra
    • Meao mudra
    • Aditya mudra
    • Shankh mudra
    • Sahaj Shankh mudra
    • Ling mudra
    • Yoni mudra
    • Pranav mudra
    • Disease vs mudra