Monday, January 16, 2017

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Meaning of Surya Namaskar Mantras:

Aum Mithraaya Namaha                                                 The Friend of All
Aum Ravaye Namaha                                                      Praised by All
Aum Sooryaaya Namaha                                                 The Guide of All
Aum Bhaanave Namaha                                                  The Bestower of Beauty
Aum Khagaaya Namaha                                                 The One who moves quickly in the Sky
Aum Pooshne Namaha                                                    The Nourisher of All
Aum Hiranya Garbhaaya Namaha                                   The Bright center of All Energy
Aum Mareechaye Namaha                                               The Destroyer of disease
Aum Aadityaaya Namaha                                                 The Inspiring
Aum savitre Namaha                                                        The Benevolent Mother
Aum Arkaaya Namaha                                                      The One who is fit to be praised
Aum Bhaaskaraaya Namaha                                             The Illuminator
Aum Sri Savitre Soorya Naarayanaaya Namaha              The Creator, Preserver and Destroyer of All

To list some of the benefits of Suryanamaskar:

Tones up the digestive system by the alternate stretching and compression of abdominal organs. It activates digestion and gets rid of constipation and dyspepsia.

Strengthens abdominal muscles.

Thoroughly ventilates the lungs, and oxygenates the blood.

Acts as detoxifying agent, by getting rid of enormous quantity of carbon dioxide and other toxic gases.
Tones up the nervous system and improves memory.

Promotes sleep and calms anxiety.

Normalizes the activity of the endocrine glands – especially the thyroid gland.

Refreshes the skin. Prevents Skin disorders.

Improves muscle flexibility.

In women, stimulates the breasts to help firmness normally. Restores any lost elasticity, through stimulation of glands and the strengthening of pectoral muscles.

Suppresses menstrual irregularity and assists in easy childbirth.

Prevents loss of hair and graying.

Helps reduce fat.

Reduces abnormal prominence of the Adam’s apple.

Eliminates unpleasant smells from the body.

Lends grace and ease of movements to the body.

Revives and maintains the spirit of youthfulness.

Broadens chest and beautifies arms.

Makes the spine and waist flexible.

Produces health, strength, efficiency and longevity.

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