Thursday, December 8, 2016

Lost your Insurance Bond/Letter - Here's what you have to do to get the Duplicate.

Before you proceed to get the duplicate insurance policy bond, thoroughly check your cup board.
Question yourself whether you really lost your document? Remember whether you have pledged it for some emergency money requirements, or given it to wife for safe keeping or you must have kept it in old brief case and forgot.

If you does not belong to any of these, then you are a candidate for applying for duplicate insurance policy bond.

If you are sure that, you lost your policy document, below are the steps you need to follow to get the duplicate of your policy document:

1. Contact your local branch of Insurance company and tell them you have lost or misplaced your bond and you have not pledged it.

2. They will tell the procedure to apply for duplicate insurance policy.

3. Please keep in mind that Insured person should approach the branch with Policy number.

4. Better to take what documents you have related to insurance like premium paid certificates/receipts.

Below is the common practice to get the duplicate insurance policy bond.

1. You need to give an Indemnity Bond with Surety from your relatives/friends. Ask the branch customer representative/ manager for the format of Indemnity bond ( See the sample Indemnity bond here or Search in Google) which you do print on the non judiciary stamp paper ( Mostly Rs.100) and get it notarized from any certified notary.
2. Make sure you have witnesses and Surety person sign the bond and surety letter.

Please note that, you must carry

 Policy number (prefer any policy premium receipts)

  •  ID proof
  •  Address proof
  •  One passport size photograph
  • Request letter

You can get your duplicate copy of your Insurance policy document / bond within 2-3 business working days or depend on the Insurance company timelines.

Before you take any decision, better call your Insurance customer care.