Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Quality nursery garden plants in Bangalore

Every one knows that Bangalore is garden, even though it has lost much of its parks and trees. Lal bagh is one such place which is always must visit list of the tourists when they visit Bangalore.

Lal bagh which is a botanical garden spread across 40 acres of land started by Hyder Ali. It is also a destination to learn about planting, growing and knowing about variety of plants, flowers, and trees.

But around Lalbagh there are nurseries and gardens which are selling high quality garden plants and trees.

Wide range, large scale and quality productions in 20 Hectares. Flowering, colourful Foliage Shrubs and Ground covers for landscape, indoor and outdoor gardens.

It is started in 1940s by Y. Munivenkatappa. The KRISHNENDRA NURSERY had conducted a contest for the general public to create
awareness among them with regard to the benefits of growing plants. In the contest the
participants were required to, among 15,000 plants, identify some 150 varieties of
plants & write down the Botanical names of these plants. The contest was a Landmark
even and drew out all aspiring botanists from all the colleges in Bangalore.