Wednesday, April 22, 2015

No Wires, No Set Up, No Hassles, Just Stream any thing on to your TV - Teewe

Are you tried varies media servers, HDMI cables to stream your content from laptop, mobile phones and tablets and failed, then try this new hassle free dongle with your local WI-FI network and stream any content you like. All that you have to do is to install its app on your laptop, mobile or tablet, which works as a remote control to play any content stored on the devices on television.

This is a Bangalore based Indian start up answer to Google Chromecast.


Full Features

Why Teewe?

Teewe comes packed with brilliant features so that watching stuff on your big screen is a breeze!

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Watch all your media on the big screen!

You'll never want to go back to your laptop after you've experienced Teewe. Now you can play YouTube videos, files on your phone or laptop - all on the biggest screen in your home with amazing ease. No switching cables, no connecting, no hassles!
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Easy to Setup

It's super easy to get started with your Teewe experience.
1. Just plug in the Teewe device into your TV's HDMI input
2. Name your Teewe and connect it to your home WiFi network
3. That's it! You are good to go.
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Videos, Music, Pictures - Teewe plays it all

Teewe can play almost all types of media you can throw at it. Online videos - Check! Downloaded videos - Check! Audio files - Check! Pictures and photos - Check! We've got it all covered.

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Total control in the palm of your hand
When we say you never have to get off your couch, we mean it. The Teewe app gives you total control over the media you play on your Teewe device. Play, pause, next, previous, seek and even volume control!
What's more you can also add items to your Teewe queue. Video marathons were never this much fun!
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Find anything, anywhere with a single tap

Search for whatever you want and Teewe's integrated search will find it for you. Be it a movie on your laptop or the latest viral video on YouTube or your favorite song from your phone's music library - everything is within reach with Teewe.
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Play from your phone or your PC/laptop

Teewe connects your phone and PC to your TV screen over your local Wi-Fi network so you can seemlessly browse through files on all your device from the Teewe app.
Also, Teewe does not consume any internet data while you play any files stored on your local devices!
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Enjoy Teewe with friends and family

In the living room, the guy with the TV remote is king. With Teewe everyone gets to be one. The Teewe phone app allows everyone to view and control the media playing on the TV as long as they're on the same WiFi network. Also, they can queue up content to the Teewe device. Get ready for video nights of epic proportions!

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