Thursday, March 14, 2013

Role of Mars in Vedic Horoscope

Role of Mars in Sex
Position of Mars in House & Role of Mars in Sex life

Mars in First House bestows native possessiveness and strong sexual urges.  Such person enjoys sex life greatly.  He / she fully demonstrates his/ her love and affection to his partner.  He requires invariably love and affection from partner.

Mars in Second House bestows native burning desire, aggressiveness in sex matters. Such native has deep feelings for partner but does not exhibit the same.

Mars in Third House bestows native good and healthy sex with the partner.  In sexual act he/ she takes initiative.

Mars in Fourth House bestows native extensive sexual relationship with the partner and makes him/ her too sexy, fond of sex, full of Libido.  Such native is experienced in love making and feels deep attachment with the partner.
Mars in Fifth House makes native timid in sex act. Such native shows recklessness towards partner in quest of intellectual partnership.

Mars in Sixth House bestows native a kind  of feeling  that  sex is a normal routine. Such native is not found crazy for sex and thus he/ she does not care too much of partner.

Mars in Seventh House makes native demanding in sex, fond of sex and romantic also.  Due to excessive libido he / she may indulges in indiscreet sex life.

Mars in Eight House makes native too much sex-indulgent, indiscriminate in sex and greatly attached to principles and morals of married life.

Mars in Ninth House makes very moderate and considerate to partner in sex habits. The native may not regard sex as a driving force in life.  So, such native likes moderate sex and gives it secondary importance.

Mars in Tenth House makes native methodical and touchy in sex matters. The native may be fond of pornography and very conscious of successful sex act and may put vigour and vitality in sexual performance.

Mars in Eleventh House gives native craving for sex.  However, such native does not show his / her desire openly and likes to have a saintly outlook, though in thoughts they are sex- crazy.

Mars in Twelth House makes native quick and restless in sex behaviour. Such  native may be careless about partner’s feeling and may adopt unnatural methods of sex.
Position of Mars in Sign & Role of Mars in Sex life
Mars in Aries –Vigorous, Great sexual urge, never satisfied in sex, youthful appearance.
Mars in Taurus – Adept in sexual act, knows pleasing the partner.
Mars in Gemini - Deficient in sex life, uncertain love life.
Mars in Cancer – Full of libido and easy to please in sex, great temper but cools down with sex or love act.
Mars in Leo – Crude in sex and cunning in love, great vigour and cruel at heart.
Mars in Virgo – Weak sex act, exhaustion afterwards and always afraid of losing health
Mars in Libra – Diplomatic in love and adept in sex act, highly passionate.
Mars in Scorpio – Secret longing, love is more on mental plane than physical, such native does not relish frequent sex acts.
Mars in Sagittarius – Adhere to moral principles, uses endearing words, pleases partner.
Mars in Capricorn – Care-free in sex matters, never loses heart to anyone, hard to please in sex matters.
Mars in Aquarius – Fair in love but a secret sinner, can rise to expectations of the partner.
Mars in Pisces – Dual love life, Professing morality but having clandestine affairs.