Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Simha Mudra [The Lion Pose] – Good Massage for Thyroid and Para Thyroid Glands

Simha Mudra [The Lion Pose]. Importance. Increases blood circulation in the facial and sinus region. Helps in restoring thyroid balance.This mudra will help stretch your throat. It also gives a good massage to your thyroid and para thyroid glands.  The Simha Mudra pranayam is a very good exercise for your face. It exercises your facial muscles and helps you look younger and healthier. Daily practice of this Mudra is very helpful in maintaining normal blood pressure. The posture gets its name because the face of the person performing it resembles the face of a Roaring Lion (Simha Mudra or Lion Face Gesture).

Techniques and Instructions to practice the simha mudra:

Video Instructions: