Thursday, August 2, 2012

Compose HTML Emails online for GMail / Yahoo

Following are the instructions to compose HTML emails for Gmail/Yahoo!!!

  • Use any one of the Online HTML editors to compose html email content - TinyMCE , Aloha HTML5,NicEdit and elRTE Editor.
  • After you compose HTML email content using any one of the above editors. Make sure cursor is in the text area and use Ctrl + A for windows PC ( Command + A if you are on a Mac) to select all, then Ctrl + C to copy everything in windows PC ( Command + C if you are on a Mac).
  • While composing the email, make sure rich text mode is selected and then use Ctrl + V to paste in windows PC ( Command + V if you are on a Mac).
  • Well done, you have the html email right in your compose box!

Hint: Drag & drop images and then manipulate. Recommended editor is TinyMCE and for HTML5 is Aloha.