Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Generate harmonious color schemes, palettes, pic 2 color palettes and many more

1. Color Lovers


Website: Color Lovers

Color Lovers is a creative community where people from around the world create and share colors, palettes and patterns. You can browse, comment, submit, and rate other designers color schemes, patterns, and shapes and take inspiration and ideas from them. You can use simple to use tools for creating palettes, patterns and colors. You can create color schemes and patterns based on various channels such as business, craft, fashion, home, print, web and wedding. You can join this online community by simply registering and discuss the trends in branding, handmade, interior looks, magazines, street fashion, websites and wedding invites.


2. Color Scheme Designer


Website: Color scheme designer (CSD)

This online color scheme tool is created by Petr Stanicek of wellstyled.com, who is professional UI/UX designer, developer, analyst and consultant.  This is a versatile tool provides complete solution for creating color schemes. It can used by  novice to expert users to easily create set of matching colors. The main feature you might like is the Pantone™ and RAL™ color support apart from default RGB and web color. The color palettes generated can be easily exported into html+css, xml, text, ACO (Photoshop Palette) and GPL (GIMP Palette).



3. Genopal


Website: Genopal

As everybody is saying, it is a easy to use, but hard to beat,  color combination and matching tool. It lets the user pick a color from an existing palette or any window or picture on your computer. GenoPal will move around in over 16 million different colors, to find the ones that match yours. It generates exciting palettes that you can save for later use, read in HEX, or export directly to PhotoShop or Illustrator. The colors generated are based on human-perceptual technology, and produces natural and harmonious color schemes unlike conventional Color Wheel software. It lets the user pick a color from an existing palette or any window or picture on your computer.



4. Kuler


Website: Kuler

Color themes at your fingertips, app created by Adobe to generate color schemes that can inspire any design project. You create color schemes from color palettes / from an image. If you are a registered user you can save your scheme and rate others themes.




5. Colors Pallete Generator


Website: Colors Pallete Generator

This is a simple and effective tool from CSS Drive. to convert image to color scheme/palette. You upload an image to generate a color palette based on the image’s primary colors. Useful for quickly grabbing a particular color within an image for inspiration. Support file size is 1 MB and image types are png, gif, jpg, jpeg. You can save as photoshop swatches (.aco) and also as CSS styles (.css). It generates light, medium, dark and complete color palettes. By selecting the colors you can get the Hex code for a color.