Sunday, July 8, 2012

Best Free Disk Defragmenter to Speed Up your Computer

Regular disk de-fragmentation keeps your hard drive healthy and machine operates faster.  The tool should do de-fragmentation of files and consolidating the free space. There are numerous tools but selecting the efficient one is difficult to choose.

Five Best Disk Defragmentation Tools

Defraggler (Free)

Use Defraggler to defrag your entire hard drive, or individual files - unique in the industry. It organizes empty disk space which increases the windows' performance when writing new files. It run when you are sleep and wake up with faster PC by scheduling the de-fragmentation. If you need to make your PC work faster instantaneously, then use Quick Defrag mode. It uses same technique that windows built in disk defragmenter uses, but with its features Defraggler continues to be at the forefront of de-fragmentation technology.

Five Best Disk Defragmentation Tools

MyDefrag (Free)

MyDefrag is a disk defragmenter and optimizer (a maintenance utility to make your harddisk faster) for Windows 2000, 2003, XP, Vista, 2008, Win7, and for X64. It is freeware, no time limit, fully functional, no advertisements. Fast, low overhead, with many optimization strategies, can handle floppies, USB disks, memory sticks, and anything else that looks like a disk to Windows. Included are a set of easy to use scripts for endusers, a scripting engine for demanding users, a screensaver, and a combined Windows plus commandline version that can be scheduled by the Windows task scheduler or for use from administrator scripts.

Five Best Disk Defragmentation Tools

Auslogics Disk Defrag (Free)

DIsk Degfrag from Auslogics goes a little further than simple disk defragmentation. Disk Defrag is the best free disk defrag software that will improve your PC's performance by defragmenting and re-arranging files on your disk.
But for even higher performance gain, try our optimization utility - Auslogics BoostSpeed. It will scan your system for free, giving you a complete report on problems that affect your PC's performance

Five Best Disk Defragmentation Tools

Smart Defrag (Free)

It is known that disk fragment has been a primary cause of slow and unstable PC performance. Smart Defrag 2 is such a FREE tool that provides extremely fast and efficient de-fragmentation to your hard drives intelligently for faster file loading and high disk performance. With "install it and forget it" feature, Smart Defrag 2 works automatically and quietly in the background on your PC, keeping your hard disk running at its top speed. This powerful, award-winning free defragmenter is 100% safe and clean with no adware, spyware, or viruses.