Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Syncing calendars and scheduling meetings with Tungle

is a web based application for syncing calenders and scheduling meetings.Tungle is a calendar accelerator that makes it easier to schedule meetings across organizations, calendar systems, and time zones.
Scheduling meetings and keeping abreast of people’s availability is increasingly difficult as offices become more virtual and communication becomes more location-agnostic. Tungle is a great way to schedule or propose meeting times and to stay on top of your meetings and activities.

Tungle’s biggest asset is that it integrates seamlessly with Outlook, Google Calendar, iCal for Mac OS X and Entourage for Mac. Support for Lotus Notes is coming soon.

Get your personal profile and custom URL to display your availability, and let others schedule meetings with you (without having to sign up).
Choose your availability, who you share your page with and when meetings get booked. No more back and forth.