Thursday, January 7, 2010

Two Exercises to Boost your Morning Energy

You have probably read that breakfast, as part of your morning routine, is extremely important to losing weight. I am not discrediting the preachers of this sentiment because not only am I one of them, but they are 100% correct. However, this is only a portion of the ritual you should begin. There should also be some form of exercise involved, albeit a jog, weight workout, or something simpler. Realizing that money is tight and time is tighter, let's discuss a quick workout that doesn't cost a penny and can be knocked out in no time. Short and free, this routine will boost your morning energy level exponentially, especially if your current workout only consists of a shower.
Good. Let's go.

When you get up, right after you eat your breakfast, do this push up routine:

  1. Muster up some will, get down and pump out as many push ups as you can do.
  2. Wait 30 seconds
  3. Pump out more push ups (again as many as you can do)
  4. Wait 30 seconds
  5. Pump out more pushups (again as many as you can do and don't hold back… really push it!)
Don't be surprised if you feel like pumping out a fast core routine. In fact go for it!

Here is a quick Core Routine that you can do:
  1. Lie down on the floor
  2. Lift your feet off the floor to about 6 inches while keeping your lower back on the floor
  3. Scissor kick for 1 minute
  4. Rest 30 seconds
  5. Scissor kick for another minute

Good for you. You have done more than 99% of people typically do in the morning. It will also follow you into your day and make you be a lot more productive.