Friday, January 8, 2010

How to Use Baraha and Nudi Kannada Word Processors

Baraha was developed with an intention to provide a free software to enable and encourage Indians use their native languages on computers. Baraha can be effectively used for creating documents, sending emails and creating websites. Baraha supports Kannada, Devanagari, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Gujarati, Gurumukhi, Bengali, and Oriya scripts. With an average 25,000 downloads/month, millions of users are using Baraha for creating content in Indian languages. You can distribute Baraha to others for free.

Download the Baraha Software Package with TrueType Fonts contains:

Baraha is the main application. Click here to see the General Instruction. To convert the input in to output window you have to press or Ctrl + T hot key should be used.

BarahaDirect can be used to type Indian Language text in applications such as MS Office, PageMaker, Internet Explorer, Firefox, Notepad and so on. When BarahDirect is started, it shows as an icon in the system tray. Click here for general information.

BarahaPad is a Unicode text editor for Indian languages. It has basic text editing features such as Bold, Italic, Underline, Font, Font Size, text color, Alignment, Bullets and Indentation. Click Here for general information.

FontConvert (Click here for general information) allows the user to convert the text from one font to another.
  • Baraha Kan New - Kannada font used in older versions of Baraha
  • Baraha Devanagari - Devanagari font used in older versions of Baraha
  • Shree-Kan-0850 - Kannada font from ShreeLipi
  • SHREE_DECCAN - Kannada font used in Prajavani news paper.
  • KN-TTUma - Kannada font from CDAC
  • KNW-TTUma - Kannada font used in Kannadaprabha news paper
  • AkrutiKndPadmini - Kannada font from Akruti
BarahaConvert can be used to convert Indian Language data between the various formats. Click here for general information.

BarahaSort can be used to sort Kannada words in Kannada Alphabetical order and produce the output in various formats. Click here for general information.

Getting Started for Writing Kannada using Baraha.
First you have to install the Baraha software package you can download from here.

It will automatically installs the TrueType kannada fonts.
Here are the instruction for Installing Fonts manually.
  1. Font Installation for Windows
  2. Free Kannada extra Fonts for Baraha and Nudi
  3. Font Installation for Mac
  4. One More Download and Installation procedure.
  5. Using Other Fonts in Baraha
Using MS Office Application for writing Kannada
BarahaIME 2.0 (and BarahaDirect 8.0 in Unicode mode) is compatible with MS Office applications for creating Indian language documents in Unicode. You should be using Microsoft Office.
However MS Office 2007 applications may not display the documents correctly if the Windows keyboards for Indian languages are not installed. BarahaIME automatically installs the Windows keyboards for Indian languages upon startup (and un-installs them upon exit). But, we recommend you install the required Windows keyboard(s) permanently. This would Installing Windows keyboards for Indian languages. It is better use BarahaDirect to write using MS office.

English to Kannada Translation Rules

Punctuation Marks:

The English symbols [ ] { } ( ) - + * / = | ; : . , " ? ! % \ ~ _ translate into the same symbols in Kannada also.

Quotation Marks:

` ' characters are converted to single smart quotes (‘ ’) characters. We can get double smart quotes (“ ”) by using them twice.

~ Usage:

'~' character when used with other characters form a different character as shown below.

You can get more examples and usages in the help topics of Baraha. You should also see the Using Switches topic in the Help section to learn the advance formatting in the Baraha.

is released by Karnataka govt. It is similar to Baraha.
Download Nudi
Download Sarala Nudi
Download Fonts.