Thursday, December 17, 2009

Rainmeter- Customize your Windows Desktop

Rainmeter is a Windows customization application. Empower your desktop with an expandable library of useful tools - handy notes and application launchers, weather and feeds from the web, system status and more. Then, rearrange and modify them to suit your personal style. With Rainmeter, your desktop is finally yours. It also got popular Enigma desktop with them manager and configuration tool. It is completely compatible with Windows 7 or Vista.

The full list of new features includes:
  • Theme manager that saves and loads Rainmeter themes.
  • Configuration tool for the Enigma skin, to save all your personal settings.
  • The Enigma theme automatically adjusts to your desktop resolution.
  • Enigma reader skins now support RSS, Atom, Gmail inbox, and Twitter.
  • Enigma music skin gets iTunes song information automatically; CD Art Display no longer required.
  • Completely compatible with Windows 7 or Vista, and no more UAC issues.
  • Text shadows, transformation matrices, and improved anti-aliasing.
  • Plug-in support for iTunes, WiFi, and the recycle bin.
  • An official forum for support, tips, and add-ons.
Rainmeter can display various performance data in different formats. It can measure:
  • CPU load
  • Allocated Memory
  • Network Traffic
  • NT performance data
  • Uptime
  • Free disk space

You can make Rainmter start at Windows Start up by adding exe file to Start-All Programs - Startup. Download exe file than zip file, since zip needs manual installation.

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