Friday, December 11, 2009

meebo - Web Based Instant Messaging Everywhere

Meebo is a web based online tool for IM on any network or site. With meebo you can connect to your friends and family via MSN, Yahoo, AOL/AIM, MySpace, Facebook, Google Talk, Jabber,ICQ and many more. You can also be your own boss by creating Meebo rooms - Public or private chat rooms.

You can also put in your web sites or blog. With meebo web's instant messenger (IM) you can connect and access IM from absolutely anywhere. It  also got increadible Add-on for Firefox,and meebo mobile app for iPhone and Android mobile phones.

"Meebo me" let you chat one - on -one with visitors to your site or just keep tabs on guests. Meebo notifier is a desktop notifier send notificatios when your contacts log on or off, or send you a message.

Meebo's goal is to allow you to chat with all of your contacts in one space. But you still need to have a web browser open to use Meebo, which is why I generally prefer standalone clients like Digsby. If your browser crashes, your Digsby contact list doesn't disappear.

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