Friday, December 11, 2009

Jolicloud Cloud Based Operating System for Netbooks like Google Chrome OS

Jolicloud Logo
Jolicloud is a new operating system for netbooks. The OS provides a beautiful interface, an application directory and a set of social features that make it easy for you to do more with less hassles of traditional OS.

Install and Enjoy
No more install hassle. We pick and install the best and most recent drivers for you so everything just works: WiFi, sound, Bluetooth, 3G, screen size.

Social Features
Jolicloud has been designed to make sure you can connect and collaborate efficiently. Connect and share easily with your Facebook friends and other Joliclouders.

Cloud Backup
Keep your data locally but with the ability to save anything on the Cloud and control which services you want to use.

In Jolicloud, most native and web applications are available for free.

One-Click Install
No download required anymore, install any app in one click, and voila.

Jolicloud App Directory

For Windows users you can install by downloading the jolicloud express installer or you can download the ISO file if you are not using Windows.
Jolicloud USB creator is available for Windows, Mac and Linux with instructions.