Wednesday, December 9, 2009

How to Install Java games and Transfer files to your Mobile from PC

Sometimes if you download the games from the PC  and transfer the files to the mobile via cable. The games does not work in some mobile phones even though they are java enabled phones. If you can access the internet from your mobile phone, then you can upload any free java games and files ( image, videos,  and docs) from PC and then install them into your mobile phones, this will install the java games successfully. Here is how you can do it.

  1. Upload the "Jar" file to "" and the get the Id number for the file.
  2. Open the browser in the mobile phone and go to and enter the Id number.
  3. Download the file and enjoy the game.
This works best for Samsung mobiles. WAP Uploader - upload wallpaper, ringtones, 3gp videos, themes, MMS SMS files, operator logos, pictures and JAVA games to our WAP host from your PC and download direct to your mobile phone. Free WAP hosting for all file types.

You can also download directly from your mobile phone free Mobile games and apps from From PC go to and mobile go to
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