Tuesday, November 24, 2009

The Elegant Universe: 3 hour video by Brain Greene

Brain Greene professor of physics and mathematics at Columbia and author of best selling book about string theory "The Elegant Universe". The book is adapted in to 3 hour program for television, it will take you to a thrill ride into a world stranger than science fiction, where you play the game, by breaking some rules, where a new view of the universe, pushes you beyond the limits of your wildest imagination. This is the world of string theory, a way of describing every force and all matter from an atom to earth, to the end of the galaxies—from the birth of time to its final tick—in a single theory, a theory of everything.

1. Hour 1 Einstein's Dream
A Theory of Everything?
• Newton's Embarrassing Secret
• A New Picture of Gravity
• A Strange New World
• The Quantum Cafe
• Gravity - The Odd Man Out
• Strings to the Rescue
• Science or Philosophy?

2. Hour 2 String's the Thing
Two Conflicting Sets of laws
• One Master Equation
• The Birth of String Theory
• The Standard Model
• Wrestling with String Theory
• The Theory of Everything
• Multiple Dimensions
• Five Flavours of String Theory

3. Hour 3 Welcome to the 11th Dimension
• The Wild West of Physics
• The Potential of Strings
• Getting to One Theory
• Parallel Universes
• Escaping Gravity
• Riddle of the Big Bang
• Signs of the Strings
• Too Elegant to be Wrong?

Watch the videos here:
Source 1 [pbs.org] You need QuickTime or Real Player installed in your PC.
Source 2 [Youtube]